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Participant declare the willingness to Give Help when the account details are been fully updated from the profile update, (by click on "Provide Help), type in the amount you wish to Provide with, Ranging from 5000naira and above. Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered on-line at the rate of 50% in 15 days, while you remain with your money till you are paired with who you will donate directly to in WEALTH HELP ALLIANCE. Your Yield amount and date shows you the Amount you can request on the 15th day which is the date of maturity. i.e. A Participant announced willingness to assist with #10,000 will immediately notice how much he/she is expecting by 50% in 15days.

Multiple PHing

Multiple Phing on one account has condition. i.e You must make all payment of every transactions (PH) before the system can allow you to get help. Example, 1st PH #20,000, Second PH #50,000 all within 15days. The system will not allow you to GH your first #20,000 until the #50,000 is paid and confirmed.

WEALTH HELP ALLIANCE is here to change life and put smile on every participant faces. It is designed to last forever; we understand that everyone will love to earn money every 15 days, not just anyhow money but something that can take care for our needs, like we all know there are three major needs of Man (FOOD, SHELTER AND CLOTHEN) . We will like to inform you that this Community will last forever if only everyone makes a New Pledge to Provide Another Help after they have Received Help knowing that the new Help you pledged to Provide will bring in another 50% in 15days. It will keep the community running forever. To provide more security and sustainability to our platform. We are introducing Auto-Re commitment to our system. i.e When you provide help of #50,000 in 15days, your investment turn to #75,000 but you have to recommit back your initial capital (which is #50,000) or at least 50% of your capital before the system allow you to get help of the #75,000. This is to make every member loyal to the system and to circulate the wealth among memebers After receiving Help, a Participant is given a maximum of 2days (48hrs) to make another Pledge to Provide Help. If no new pledge is made after 2 days from receiving help, the system will automatically delete the account of the participant or blocked. All we need in this community are people who are active and have the Mind Set to Give and in turn Receive. We need people that will make this community (WHA) last forever. When a Participant makes a Pledge to Provide Help #5000 for Example; his/her next Pledge to Provide Help will not go below the Previous Help provided. It can only be the same or higher. This will keep the Community Growing instead of being setback by people who will give help of for example and after Getting Help of #7500 they decide to Provide Help LOWER in their next Pledge. Such doesn’t work here In WEALTH HELP ALLIANCE. Feel the joy of giving when you see the face of who you are Providing Help to. This will help Participants make friends all over the World. A Real Social Financial Platform with Sincere people Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World. Together we can make it move.. up WHA !!!

All participants will get their one time password from their mail which will be use to login to their account for activation. This process will enable the admin to verify the authenticity of every email used on the platform. We are working on SMS verification code which will be sent to your phone number provided during registration. This feature has not yet been installed, but work is going on it but in the mean time, anyone that uses a fake number will be suspended once reported by any participant and confirmed by the admin. Before such person can be reactivated, he/she will need to produce a valid ID card and three members of the community who will write admin to stand for him/her. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS…! Once all verification is made, you must update your profile before you can PH in the system. If you don’t have a sponsor and you’re coming in, just use WHA as sponsor and you will spill under admin directly.


Your bonus is 10% direct down line alone You must PH double of your referrer bonus before you can access it. i.e, your current PH must double your bonus to have access to it. Your bonus will be added to your GH at the point of withdrawing. This means that your bonus cant be release till your normal GH commitment is due.


We cannot rule out bad people in every community, all we can do is to pray that God will take their eyes away from the platform. So therefore, for every fake POP below are the steps to follow Wait for 48hrs after the upload for a fake POP flag to be activated on the pairing box of the person GHing and press it if you haven’t seen payment after 48hrs Admin will contact you for your bank statement collected from the banking hall and stamped to validate. You will upload it with other information that will be require of you as admin deem it fit. The participant that uploaded it will be ask to upload a proof of payment incase he/she uses teller to pay in the banking hall and if it’s the case of transfer, he/she will be ask to go and get the bank statement from the bank If the payee uploaded the statement and we notice it is true, both parties will wait till bank resolve the issue and they both won’t be able to carry out any transaction on their account again. But if the payee did not respond in 12hrs, his/her account will be deleted permanently from the system and the receiver will be repaired Once you’re deleted for fake POP, you can never join the system again and your referrer link become inactive.

We cannot rule out the role of managers in the system because the more the community grows the more capable hands to handles people most especially their generations. So, to become a manager, you must meet the following criteria You must have had at least 30 direct referrer under you You must have had a total PH of noting less than 3,000,000 in the system All your direct down lines must have had a total PH of 18,000,000 You must write a letter with your means of identification to apply. Manager's bonus will be as follow. ...1st Gen. 10% ...2nd Gen. 3% ...3rd Gen. 1%

Letter of Testimony

At every successful GH by participants, it is compulsory you write your testimony which will keep showing on the dashboard and on the home page of the site. This is to enable new people coming on board to know we’re in for serious business. Everyone that fails to comply to 1 above will be allowed to PH and paid and at the point of second GH his/her account will enters moratorium till he/she write letter of testimony.

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